The need for legal advisory services on investment and business operations in Vietnam is one of the legitimate and urgent needs of domestic and foreign investors/business owners. Saying that is because no investor wants to spend a large amount of money without anticipating the legal risks that may be encountered in the process of investing and operating a business in Vietnam.

We, TNTP International Law Firm, have a team of lawyers with more than 15 years of experience who have worked at domestic and foreign law firms, providing legal support to many foreign investors to do investment in Vietnam market (by establishing a new business or acquisition of shares/capital contribution of an existing company), domestic investors to co-invest with foreign investors or Vietnamese enterprises to invest abroad in overseas. In particular:

For foreign investment into Vietnam, we advise and carry out the procedures for obtaining investment registration certificates, setting up new businesses, reviewing and conducting legal due diligence on target companies to advise on the structure of foreign investors’ acquisitions of shares/capital contributions in target companies. We also draft, review and comment on share/ capital contributions purchase agreements and other transaction documents.

For domestic investment, we advise on the procedures for obtaining investment policy approvals, setting up new businesses, structuring deals, reviewing business cooperation/joint ventures contracts, general commercial contracts and conducting negotiations with potential partners. We also draft, review and give comments on transaction documents.

For companies in the operation stage, we advise on all matters of our clients during the business operations, on a monthly retainer or case-by-case basis, including regulatory compliance and corporate governance matters.

For offshore investment projects, we advise on the procedures for obtaining offshore investment registration certificates in accordance with the law. We also draft, review and comment on transaction documents with foreign partners.

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