Dispute resolution

We understand that several Clients are still afraid of the profound impact of the litigation, so when a dispute arises, we always try our best to negotiate and reconcile with the disputing party on behalf of the Client in order to resolve the case quickly and amicably and to maintain the partnership relationship between the parties. This is also to save the Clients’ legal costs in dispute settlement.

However, if the litigation is necessary to resolve the Clients’ legal issues, TNTP can completely handle this matter. All our litigation lawyers have more than ten years of practice experience. They have participated in settling many complex dispute cases having great value with many areas of business activity, including disputes in the sale of goods, labour, investment, construction, banking, securities, service provision, real estate, etc. With a wealth of experience in their work, TNTP’s litigation lawyers often propose efficient settlement strategies to protect the best rights and benefits of the Clients during the proceedings at competent courts or Arbitration Bodies in Vietnam.

In the event that the Vietnamese Court or Arbitration Body issues an effective judgment or decision or arbitral award for a Client, but the disputing party does not voluntarily enforce the judgment, we will immediately assist the Client in carrying out the procedures for requesting judgment enforcement at a competent judgment enforcement agency so that the judgment enforcement agency can conduct enforcement against the disputing party and force the disputing party to implement the effective judgment or decision or the arbitration award.

With professional and proficient dispute resolution skills, including persuasion, negotiation, litigation and enforcement, the litigation lawyers of TNTP fully meet Clients’ diverse needs in resolving disputes from the stages of negotiation and conciliation to the stages of litigation and judgment enforcement at the competent authorities of Vietnam.

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