Civil matters

When living, working and doing business in Vietnam, some Clients, especially foreign individual Clients, often face legal issues in civil practice such as making a will, carrying out the procedure for certifying signatures, carrying out the process on witnessing by lawyers, unilaterally terminating a rental contract, drafting a loan contract between individuals, drafting power of attorney, compensating for damage outside a contract, terminate a contract, register a temporary residence address at a competent police agency, prepare a denunciation or complaint letter to submit to competent authorities, etc.

The legal, fast and professional handling of the issues mentioned above will help the Clients to avoid potential legal risks arising in the future and maximize the protection of their interests. In some cases, these issues will significantly affect the living, working and doing business of Clients in Vietnam. Therefore, when you are faced with any civil legal problem but have no idea how to resolve it or are unsure of how to settle it, we recommend that you contact our Lawyers.

TNTP’s Lawyers all have more than ten years of practical experience and have solved many civil legal issues for national and international clients with different levels of complexity. TNTP’s Lawyers will provide you with necessary legal advice and guidance on practical solutions so that you can clearly understand the ongoing legal issue and for the best solution for your case.

When you come to TNTP, you can rest assured that our Lawyers will always be by your side, support and advise you from the time of receiving the case until the time of settlement of the legal issue you are facing.

We trust that we will offer optimal solutions for your legal issues

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