Debt recovery

Bad debts are one of the headaches of enterprises and individuals in business activities. The recovery of bad debts can significantly impact such individuals or enterprises; sometimes, it is the line between success or failure in business. If you have bad debts in Vietnam, TNTP’s lawyers can assist you in effectively recovering these debts.

With more than ten years of practice experience and have participated in resolving many high-value debts for Clients (more than 2.7 million USD), our Lawyers are experienced in this practice. Recovering bad debts is never easy, but with our help, success is more likely to happen. TNTP is currently a partner of many debt collection organizations globally, such as Sino Credit Management (HK) Ltd, SM Credit Information Co., Ltd, Creditreform (UK) Limited… to handle the collection cases in Vietnam. In addition to the necessary legal knowledge, TNTP’s lawyers also have the practical experience and many ways to increase the possibility of debt collection.

When Clients assign bad debts to us, we will review the cases files in detail and advise you on professional and effective debt settlement solutions, from the stage of sending warning letters and negotiating with debtors to the stages of litigation collection, judgment enforcement collection or bankruptcy collection to bring the best results for Clients.

In the process of performing the work, we continually actively update the progress of the work and advise Clients on necessary legal measures to be taken in accordance with each specific case. This helps Clients update information about each case in a timely and accurate manner, especially for Clients who assigns some bad debt cases to us for handling.

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