Marriage and Divorce

Marriage and Divorce are common legal issues in society. When they arise, Clients generally wish to resolve the matters quickly, but carefully and delicately, as the matter is directly related to the physical interests and emotions of the couple, and can directly influence the future of their children.

TNTP’s lawyers have more than 10 years of experience in providing legal services on marriage and divorce cases in Vietnam, including marriage registration procedures with foreign elements, drafting prenuptial agreements, divorce, alimony for children, division of marital property, and other legal services of marriage and divorce practice.

We understand the legal, financial and emotional complexities of dealing with issues involving families and children, so our solutions are always geared towards resolving conflict, strengthening the understanding of the parties and ensuring the interests of Clients and their children. In divorce cases, our solutions give Clients the opportunity to start a new life faster and easier.

With professionalism and experience in work, TNTP’s lawyers will regularly advise Clients on legal regulations and practical solutions to bring the best results for Clients.

When you come to TNTP, you can rest assured that our Lawyers will always be by your side, support and advise you from the time of receiving the case until the time of settlement of the legal issue that you are facing.

We trust that we will offer optimal solutions for your legal issues

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